This website seeks to present, in an accessible form, information about the evidence base for some of the most widely used and clinically significant medicinal plants.

Although herbal medicines have been used by people everywhere since prehistoric times, and for many herbs there exist written records of clinical history of use going back hundreds if not thousands of years, It would be a mistake to assume that these traditions are the only information we have on medicinal herbs. Similarly, it would be incorrect to assume that modern uses of herbs are always in keeping with ancient traditions. The reality is that for many widely used medicinal plants, there is a body of clinical research addressing their efficacy; and while most of the modern uses of commercially available medicinal herbs are in keeping with long-standing practices, others are not.


Goldenseal, Hydrastis canadensis


For each herb discussed on this website, you will find:

A brief introduction to what people use this plant for, and what parts are used;

Clinical evidence highlights, describing and citing clinical studies (systematic reviews, randomised controlled trials, etc.);

Pharmacological information; and

Notes on history of use